Struggling… step back, take a different approach

I started a few weeks ago to write another post about working with RESTful services but I kept running into roadblocks.

Frustrating because the roadblocks weren’t on how to implement everything but rather on how to explain the different facets of implementation. For anyone who has actually followed my posts you hopefully know by now that I try to keep them short and simple (as much as possible).

I still think that writing an example for working with RESTful services can be simple. I just need to cover some of the other basics like Protocols and maybe even the use of NSNotificationCenter as an alternative.

It has taken me a couple of weeks to come to this decision but it’s nice to have some closure. I have been so irritated by the block that I have at times just refused work on it (even more frustrating).

So plan now is to work on supporting articles and then come back at the RESTful approach with those as support.

As always Happy Coding!!!