My Work

While not a complete and true representation of all my work the following gives a representation of what I am most proud of completing over the last few years. I have debated over the years of putting up a page for my resume, however, I have chosen differently.

If you really want all that detail then please contact me with your request and after review I will forward you one.


I take great pride as well as find a lot of enjoyment in writing various articles and blogs. Some of which can be viewed as blog entries that I try to write each month. There are multiple occasions though were I have written various how-to articles for

For a complete listing of the articles that I have written please click here.

iOS Development and Apps

I always have various projects and apps that are under development. Some projects never get published into an app and instead live their lives in my github account as resources for future projects or reference code to help others.

For a list of the apps that I have published to the app store or that are in the process of being published please click here.

Web Development

Over the years I have focused most of my personal interests and career in the areas of web and mobile development. I have held a belief that gone really are the days of desktop application development. The mobile experience has taken over and as such we expect our applications to be mobile or web based.

During these years I have worked on dozens of web based projects but for a recent selection of projects that are available for general viewing and use please check here.