About Me

My name is Dennis White and I am software developer with over 20 years of professional experience. I have been employed as a software developer since the early 90’s back when Microsoft’s Windows 3.1x was just beginning to gain popularity and IBM’s OS/2 was the predominant leader in multi-threaded PC based Operating Systems.

Prior to choosing this as my profession I had studied architecture and later Electrical and Mechanical engineering in college. However, as a young kid growing up I always played with computers, my first computer was a TRS-80 with 4K RAM that I would spend countless hours writing programs for never thinking of programming as a profession. To me it was something fun to pass the time much like playing a video game.

My story goes that in my final year of college I was taking a C/C++ programming class and as usual was just having fun working on various projects and my professor told me something that changed everything.

“You know they pay people to do stuff like this for a living?” – Professor Bolman

To me programming was something fun to do and there were a small select few people who actually made money and a profession out of it. I still joke about how amazing it is that companies actually pay me to do something that I look at as just having fun.

My Work

Over the years I have worked on various types projects using different toolsets, however, in the last few years I have focused my personal interests in the areas of mobile development.

Work Areas of Interest

  • Mobile Development (iOS and Android)

Hire Me

I am always interested in new custom projects, as well as creating business ties with others working in similar fields as myself. You can always rest assured that if you hire me you are going to be getting more than a code jockey. My experience includes 20+ years working on the design, development and implementation of new products.

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