I am often asked about what internet sites I use in my development or research. The following are some of my personal favorites that I use.

Basic Research

  • Google – Chances are you will find what you need if you know how to ask.

Sites that I use often

  • CodeProject – I hang out here, write articles and answer questions sometimes.
  • jQuery – Always something interesting to learn or just a handy reference.
  • jQuery UI – Another great reference to keep on hand.
  • Stack Overflow – Chances are your question has already been asked/answered before.
  • jsFiddle – An awesome scratch pad to test new ideas or help answer questions.
  • Bootstrap – Easy front end framework that speeds up development time.
  • – Where did the 960 grid system pattern come from?
  • Unsemantic – Fan of the pre-cursor so definitely like the upgrade.
  • Icons8 – Create resources for getting icons to use in your app development.
  • Cocoa Controls – Ok the name pretty much explains, cocoa pods and their info.
  • Sound Bible – Great resource for getting free sound clips.

Commonly used Tools

For those that ask which tools I am commonly using. While definitely not complete this is what is almost always running on my computer.

  • Xcode – The development tool for iOS
  • Eclipse – I use this for all of my Java development.
  • Diagram Drawing – Great web based Diagram drawing tool.
  • Go2Convert – Free image conversion web site.


  • Online Java IDE – Found this while looking for a way to test some java code via browser.


Learning Tools and Resources

  • Udemy – Another great site with classes that you can purchase at very reasonable prices
  • Lets Build that App – There is a lot to learn here. I own several of these courses as awesome reference material.
  • Kilo Loco – Fun guy to listen to with a lighter side on learning. Check out his YouTube page here.

Other Random Stuff

  • HTML 5 Experiments – Demos some HTML5 ideas.
  • Sprite Creation – If you work with Sprites you’ll want this.
  • Fiverr – Great resource for getting things like graphics development done at affordable rate.

There is some other stuff out there that I like but for now all of that should work as a place to get you started. I am sure that as time goes by I will probably update this with stuff that I have forgotten.

If you have something that you want to recommend then contact me. I am always on the hunt for tools that make my work/life easier.