Changing gears is fun and challenging

It has been awhile since I have written last and not because I haven’t had anything interesting happening as of late but mostly because I have been in the middle of learning new stuff.

Last year I had started to work with Swift some but like all new languages I have learned I found that was fighting against it. In defense of the language it wasn’t because Swift is hard to learn but rather because I just wasn’t sure of its success in really going mainstream.¬†#gasp

Ok listen I was learning it because I had hopes for it but part of me enjoyed ObjectiveC and I thought to myself why would Apple think it could improve on something already working?

“If it aint broke, don’t fix it” – Bert Lance

Well sometimes changing gears and disrupting your work is a good idea. With that in my thoughts and the release of Swift 2.0 I felt it was time to take my latest adventure in learning serious and change my gears in development.

Well with a new app released and two more in development (all using Swift) I can definitely say I am loving Swift and wondering why Apple didn’t think of this sooner?

So my writing will be resuming again soon but with a different twist on the language in use.

As usual happy coding (in Swift)!!!