discipline and stumbling blocks

Ok so it’s been about a month since starting to blog and when I started my goal was to try and 2 a week of some technical nature. Kind of a way for dumping my technical thoughts of the week into my normal nerdy perkiness.

So my difficulties tonight as I sit at the end of week are really not about technical subjects that I have been pondering this week but rather complete thoughts. Over the last few weeks I have been playing with some iOS development, javascript (AngularJS, Backbone, Ember) as well as my current interest in NodeBots.

Subjects aren’t the lack but the lack this week comes in completion. I can blame the holiday weekend but in all reality I am just in the middle of mental stumbling block. This can be a good thing because I have learned over the years that with personal discipline what usually follows is several weeks worth of great productivity.

Which is really why I am sitting down to write this all out. It’s that personal discipline that so long as I hack through these down periods that I achieve some of my best work.

So tonights blog is not filled with great thought or technical inspiration but what it is filled with is me “hacking” away through the downtime knowing that something promising is about to occur.

Happy Coding.