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Over the years I have found CodeProject as a great resource for information in helping me with my work at times. In these last few years I have begun to return my appreciation by writing articles that I hope others will find as useful as the many articles that I have read.

More jQuery UI Alerts Dialog Using ThemeRollers (Version 2)

So you are developing these great web applications that take advantage of jQuery and jQueryUI, but there comes those times where you want to display a message box to the user. Suddenly, you are confronted with the fact that no matter how much work you have put into styling your site, the JavaScript alert dialog boxes are to put it simply lame.

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DooScrib – A jQuery plugin for creating a simple HTML5 drawing canvas

Just as some of mankind’s earliest form of communication include cave drawings of migration patterns, in today’s world we continue to use drawings as a way of communicating amongst.

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A jQuery plugin for an Adaptive 960 Grid System

I have long been a fan of the work at, in my opinion, its simplistic approach in the layout and design of a web page will most likely interest others.

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jQuery UI Alerts Dialog using ThemeRollers

With the use of jQuery and jQuery UI, I have all kinds of performance and visual improvements. So when it came down to dialog based alerts, I knew there was absolutely no way I was going to use the dinosaur based JavaScript alerts.

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Drawing on an HTML Canvas (Article Competition) 

The development of a jQuery plugin to be used in demonstration of how to create and draw on an HTML5 canvas element.

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DooScrib – Collaboration with an HTML 5 Canvas 

Demonstration of how to develop an HTML5 digital canvas where users can collaborate in realtime using the dooscrib plugin in conjunction with a Node.Js backend and

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